MFT Sweden AB helps individuals, groups and organizations to develop mentally and physically in order to get what they want!


Welcome to MFT Sweden AB!

The company was founded in May 2005 and is located in Stockholm, Sweden. MFT Sweden AB acts from the basis of its own definiton of mental strenght and combines scentifically tested psychological methods, engineering clearity, the systematical behaviour and will of the professional athlete and in life evaluated exprience to help individuals, groups and organizations to develop mentally and physically to, with minimum resources in an inspired way, maximize the possibility to reach set goals.

For an individual, group or organization to be healthy, balanced and to be able to reach set goals in a sustainable way in a long term perspective, goals need to be clear, measurable and divided into subgoals. Everybody needs to know who does what, how and when and at the same time feel motivated to do so. The right thoughts, feelings and behaviour given the goal is crucial for maximum power of penetration. For the cooperation to function well the interpersonal relationships need to be healthy and there has to be room for rest, recovery and reflection. Nutrition needs to be right and goal guiding feedback has to be implemented so what does not work is disgarded and what works is kept in its place. In addition everybody involved need to have regular physical activity to stay healthy.

MFT Sweden AB works to analyze, implement, sustain and follow up all these parts of the individual, group or organization internally and externally.

Mental fulfillment training (MFT) is constructed partly for individuals, groups and organizations that function pretty well in their environment, but seek further mental development, deeper understanding, knowledge of how to deal with certain situations or increased performance ability. It is also for individuals, groups or organizations that have felt bad or behaved dysfunctionally for longer periods of time.

A special branch within MFT (MFT-sports) is designed to help athletes to increase their performance, to learn how to deal with thoughts, emotions and behaviour connected to training and competition. Mental fulfillment training can help the individual, group and the organization to reach agreed goals and develop in intended ways by constructing specially suited mental training programs based upon the unique circumstances in each case.

MFT Sweden AB also arranges conferences where your company gets the opportunity to development through a combination of the important issues your organization faces, psychological perpectives on your situation, physical training in the form of racketsports or gym and the possibility to get home cooked food in a familylike environment in Enskede racket center in Stockholm, Sweden.

As complementary activity MFT Sweden AB give PT – training and coaching in icehockey and the racketsports table tennis, badminton, squash, tennis, padel, pickleball and racquetball techniqually, tactically, physically and mentally to beginners to professional players in addition to teaching mathematics, physics and psychology from basic- to university level.

The company uses lecturing, conversations, teaching, coaching, conferences, consulting and different kinds of training methods as working tools.


During 2023 MFT Sweden Ltd goes in to it`s nineteenth year of operation. The results are continuously and increasingly better and more stable:

  1. Hundreds of clients have had therapeutiucal conversations, MFT – Every day use.
  1. A couple of hundred athletes have gotten individually constructed MFT programs that guides them exactly how they should train to increase their mental strenght. MFT – Sports.
  1. Hundreds of lectures have been given to companies, unions, clubs and groups. MFT – Lecture, conference & workshop.
  1. A Number of groups and organizations have been helped by goal setting, conflict solving, feedback, comunication, business development, sales, negotiation skills and cooperation internally and externally. MFT – Group psychology and MFT – Organizational psychology.
  1. A sequence of conferences have been organized with a combination of the company`s current questions, psychological perspectives and physical activity with very appreciated result. MFT – Lecture, conference & workshop.
  1. Almost hundred young people have been taught in mathematics, physics and psychplogy and thereby achieved the goals of their studies. MFT – Teaching.
  1. Thousand of funny ours of table tennis, badminton, squash, tennis, padel, pickleball, icehockey and PT training have been given. MFT – Racketsports.
  1. Cooperations with clubs, sports establishments, schools anf companies have been created both nationally and intenationally. MFT – Group psychology and MFT – Organizational psychology.
  1. A number of clients have been helped to create balance in the system food – training – sleep. MFT – food, training & sleep.

Who can benefit from mental fulfilment training (MFT)?

Do you want you, your group or your organization to…

Achieve better results when it counts?

Feel more confident going into challenges and know what it takes to succeed?

Strenghten self confidence anf self esteem?

Get a better athmosphere in the room?

Increase motivation?

More clear goals and experience greater meaning?

Understand what needs to be changed to succeed?

Feel better going into challenges and understand what it takes to win?

Learn how to handle nervousness and tension connected to important situations?

Understand why the same dreadful situation occurs over and over again?

Gain more from the invested resources?

Look with a greater sense of peace at history and the future?

Find the strength to deal with issues today instead of postponing them to

Getting closer to your full potential?

Learn how to deal with jealousy?

Learn how to deal with anger more constructively?

Find courage to act positively in certain situations?

Feel better mentally and get more energized?

Become mor motivated and filled with desire?

Act in harmony with others?

Understand the cause of anxiety?

Become more dynamic?

Become more effective?

Increase communication?

Increase positive thinking?

Increase lust?

Find balance internally and externally?

Learn from misstakes?

Look upon the future with exitement?

Behave in a long term sustainable way?

Now there is a possibility for you, your group or organization to develop in intended ways with mental fulfilment training!

a) Together we clarify what should be accomplished within the boundaries of the resources.

b) We set clear goals.

c) We construct a specially suited MFT program in order to point out exactly what needs to be done in order to reach set goals.

d) Training runs with support from MFT Sweden if needed.

e) Together we evaluate your achievements in order to get concrete measures of the fulfilment accomplished.

Hör av dig till oss under rubriken kontakt. Välkommen!

The founder

The founder of MFT Sweden AB is Magnus Eliasson, born in Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden in 1968. He is a mechanical engineer (M) within industrial economics and organization (INDEK) educated at the Royal institute of technology (KTH) in Stockholm (1987-2002). In addition he has a five year psychology education from Linköping University (2000-2005) and has gone through psychodynamic psychotherapy for 1.5 years as well as a step 1 psychotherapeutic education within cognitive theoretical framework.


He has played icehockey professionally in clubs like Hammarby Hockey, Södertälje SK och HV71 in Sweden, Germany, Finland and USA. He was the leading goalscorer in div 1/allsvenskan in the season of 1994/95. He won bronze in the european cup for clubs playing for HV 71 in 1995/96. He stopped playing icehockey in 2000 as he entered his psychology studies.

After ice hockey Magnus started competing in Racketlon, a multiracketsport consisting of the four major racketsports Tabletennis, Badminton, Squash and Tennis since he had been playing all four sports complementary to icehockey. Magnus Racketlon career turned into a success with 3 individual world championships titles, 7 team world championship titles, 7 individual swedish championship titles, five over all victories in the FIR world tour and 36 world tour titles around the globe. He has been ranked the number one player in the world during seven years (2002-2009) and stoped competing 2009 to focus on developing other racketplayers instead. 2012 he was elected into Racketlon Hall OF Fame and is considered by many people to be the best Racketlon player in the world of all time.

Magnus founded MFT Sweden AB as a way of creating possibilities for all individuals, groups or organizations that feel they want to develop mentally in order to feel better and increase the possibility to reach their goals in careers, sports, relationships and other important situations in life.

The need for mental fulfilment training, MFT

During my professional career as an engineer and an athlete I have seen a number of individuals, groups or organizations that in different ways have been out of balance mentally and have not found comfort in life or felt bad about not reaching their goals in career, relationships, sports or in the private life.

I have also had periods in my life when I felt internally bad and did not have a clue what to do or where to turn. I believe people can feel so much better by finding out what they can do in order to get control of thoughts, feelings and behaviour that torment or create problems and see more clearly what they need to change in order to achieve what they want in different parts of life during circumstances at hand.

All human beings are unic and have special prerequisites genetically, economically, socialy and culturally that are given to us and that we need to accept and learn how to cope with if we want to live in balance with ourselves and the environment. We are being shaped during our upbringing and have learnt ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that are sometimes constructive and sometimes destructive depending on in which circumstance they are applied.

In this way people develop their special way of protecting themselves emotionally against events in life that can decrease self esteem, energy and joy of life and in the long run be the foundation of sickness, pointlessness and self destruction. These defences that are typically developed early in life and are constructive in the early context, can later in life in other contexts become the foundation for torments of the soul.

Everyone that, from the inside, wants and are willing to bear the burden of self scrutiny can learn how to relate to these given circumstances so that they become possibilities instead of obstacles and thus leave the suffering of the soul behind. This does not only relate to individuals but also to groups and organizations that in essence are individuals in interaction with one another in a surrounding context.

MFT is a combination of Psychodynamic- (PDT), Cognitive behaviour- (KBT) and Existential psychotherapeutic theory in coherence with engineering systematics, the goal achievement of professional sports and in life tested experience that aims to create possibilities for individuals, groups and organazations to learn how to relate to outer circumstanses by clearifying their inner psychological defenses and change them to become constructive instead of destructive in the given context.

Today it is socially acceptable to go to the dentist to fix teeth, to the naprapath to fix the back or the bank to get financial assistance but not as accepted to get in contact with a psychologist or psychotherapist to receieve help with emotional problems.

MFT Sweden works to tear down this wall of resistance and prejudice by showing that psychological knowledge is at least as useful in everyday life as other more accepted professions.

People who finally take action because they no longer cope, after standing in long therpeutic lines, might end up with a therapist who can not help or only recommends medicine that give more side effects than effects. A lot of these people are not helped by the help given to them. MFT Sweden exists to help these people!

Long before you feel so bad that you need to go to a psychotherapist or take medicine MFT can help you. The human suffering of the soul is very often sprung out of a series of perceived failures in life that together, efter a long time, adds up to different kinds of psychological imbalances such as burnout, depression, anxiety, loss of apetite, loss of sex drive, aggression, sleep imbalance, eating disorders, psychosomatic conditions etc.

If the individual, group or organization in good time, before serious psycholocical problems occur, starts to train mentally with MFT, they can learn how to deal with tough situations in life instead of getting ill from the way of relating to them. It is like fixing a hole in your tooth before it gets so big you need to tear it out.

Mental fulfilment training applies to all individuals, groups or organisation that function pretty well, but still experience areas of frustration in which they want to develop, but also to individuals, groups and organazations with greater more long term psychological suffering. MFT Sweden AB also work with making what is good even better.

Most people have a great potential to create new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving as long as they are willing to scrutinise themselves and the way they interpret the world around them.

If you can see yourself as one of these people or have a individual, group or organisation in your presence that can please contact MFT Sweden AB by punching in the contact information under the headline “contact us” at the top of this page. You are most welcome. Yours sincerely, Magnus Eliasson”